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About ChipCard Go

Today’s Consumers are looking for the fastest and easiest way to receive the best service at restaurants, retail stores or hotels. They are booking reservations and placing orders on the go with mobile devices. Customers are also using their mobile devices to make more and more transactions it is becoming more popular every day. Businesses need to be versatile and adopt new technologies to be successful and to eliminate Chargebacks. Businesses need to be able to meet the expectations of their customers, who want to pay with Chip Card Technology! ChipCard Go is quick, efficiently, and easy to use for merchants and customers and it provides great features.

ChipCard Go Team

Nationwide Payment Systems has been working with merchants and technology since 2001, we are bringing this product to merchants so they can get EMV compliant, reduce and eliminate chargebacks, reduce their PCI scope, provide a better customer experience and we bring to the table either using chipcard go integrated to your POS it using it as a stand alone product. NPS bringing technology to your business that is affordable and scalable.