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The EMV liability shift of October 2015 created massive problems for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and retailers using BRINK. Business owners need to become EMV compliant while offering pay-at-the-table solutions or tip after the sale solutions tethered to the Point of Sale System, without having to change their entire POS system. Merchants soon found out that the POS Companies were not ready with any type of EMV solutions.

We recognized the need for equipment and processing to supporting EMV on Existing Point of Sale Systems like BRINK and other systems.

We knew that merchants would be looking for a way to connect their current Point of Sale devices to EMV – Chipcard Go was put together and we are working on new solutions all the time!

Voila! – Chipcard Go!

Chipcard Go! –  Features a point-to-point encryption P2P, EMV and PCI compliant for full-service or quick-serve restaurants with BRINK! Chipcard GO is either fully or semi integrated with BRINK and other existing Point of Sale Systems that are currently being used by businesses all over the U.S.

Chipcard Go gives these businesses the opportunity to become EMV compliant and extending the life of their current POS System.

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Chipcard Go EMV Pay at the table Video
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Chipcard Go Supports:

  • Micros

  • Pixel Point

  • Matre’d – Posera

  • Positouch

  • Info Genesis

  • Dinerware

  • Brink POS

  • and many more!

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